These are the IDDRS.

DDR stands for disarmament, demobilization and reintegration. The objective of the DDR process is to contribute to security and stability in post-conflict environments so that recovery and development can begin. The DDR of ex-combatants is a complex process, with political, military, security, humanitarian and socio-economic dimensions. It aims to deal with the post-conflict security problem that arises when ex-combatants are left without livelihoods or support networks, other than their former comrades, during the vital transition period from conflict to peace and development. Through a process of removing weapons from the hands of combatants, taking the combatants out of military structures and helping them to integrate socially and economically into society, DDR seeks to support male and female ex-combatants and men, boys, women and girls associated with armed forces and groups, so that they can become active participants in the peace process.

In this regard, DDR lays the groundwork for safeguarding and sustaining the communities in which these individuals return, while building national capacity for long-term peace, security and development. It is important to note that DDR alone cannot resolve conflict, prevent violence, or enable development. It can, however, help establish a secure environment so that other elements of a recovery and peacebuilding strategy can proceed.